[Test]TestLink 1.9.1 Released

二 24th, 2011

2011/1/23, TestLink推出了1.9.1版本,该版本新增了很多feature:

– Requirement revisioning
– Requirement history with log messages
– New requirement and test case comparison method
– Expand/Collapse Buttons for trees
– PHPMAILER update (allows SSL or TLS) – googlemail can be used
– Mechanisms implemented to prevent data loss on editing when sessions times out or the user tries to navigate away without saving latest changes


– better MSSQL support
– Query metrics: start and end date input fields are respected
– minor usability improvements
– event viewer fixed for IE8

更多的信息: http://www.teamst.org/

下载: http://www.teamst.org/index.php/news-mainmenu-2/1-latest/104-testlink-191-released-2011-01-23

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